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Anse Banane & Anse Formis

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After Anse Grand Roche the road south crosses a relatively flat, but almost completely empty bay, with the waves breaking on the granite rocks just metres from the concrete track and no real beach to speak of. Here the sea is pretty wild and you feel a long way from civilization and as you round the headland you reach Anse Banane, a small beach next to the road where there is a little café serving drinks and sandwiches, as well as a self catering cottage.

Less wild than its neighbouring beaches, Anse Banane feels a bit of a haven after Gaulettes and Grosse Roche, and is a pleasant place to stop - not to mention the last inhabited spot on the east coast road.

If you're determined to make it as far south as your bike will take you, Anse Fourmis is a remote, beautiful stretch of sand where you are almost guaranteed to be alone. Press on past the beach and you reach the end of the road, where the track gives way to rocks and waves below. From near this point it is theoretically possible to walk to Anse Caiman, but the path is badly marked and technically difficult, so it should only be attempted with a guide - and bear in mind that despite the short distance it could take a couple of hours.