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Anse Forbans

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Anse Forbans is a huge bay on the south east coast that is almost completely empty save for a handful of self catering facilities such as the Chalets Anse Forbans and the Hilton Doubletree Allamanda Beach Hotel. The bay is naturally divided into three smaller beaches by granite rocks and boulder, with the area in front of the Allamanda effectively feeling like a private beach thanks to the boulders bordering each side of the hotel.

The waters here are shallow and calm, with a natural lagoon formed by a reef some way off the beach shore, making the sea safe for swimming. Snorkelling is possible here, but you may prefer to head north to Fairyland beach or Port Launay for the best snorkelling beaches. The turquoise waters light up in the sunlight and aside from the patch immediately in front of the Hilton the beach is deserted.