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Anse Gouvernement

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Between Cote D'Or and Sainte Anne bay you can take a turning to L'Archipel hotel and follow a track up to Anse Gouvernment. Here is a beach that is practically deserted, with stunning views across the bay. Cote D'or in the distance is a beautiful strip of pure white sands.
Directly across you can see the islands of St Pierre and Chauve Souris in the bay, as well a host of sailing boats and small motor launches.

This is a prime location for a secluded swim - the water is calm and shallow, yet deep enough that you need not head too far out to enjoy the waters. It's also a great spot for sunset, one of the few places on the north coast you can enjoy watching the sun sink over the water without trekking to Anse Lazio.

L'archipel hotel is further up the track on what feels like a private beach, and shares the same beautiful views: the shades of turquoise and blue looking out across the bay, the strip of white sand shimmering over on cote d'or at the other side of the bay, and the potential for brilliant sunsets as you sink a cocktail at the bar.