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Baie Ternay & Cap Ternay Beach

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Cap Ternay used to be the furthest you could reach along the north west road, but since Emirates have bought the land fronting the bay it is no longer accessible, unless you take a boat or find a way to talk your way in - the gates are protected by security guards.

It's a pity as the area is rather lovely and untouched, and the development plans for the area are immense - 421 rooms and suites, a 'lazy river', conference facilities and a marina - we're not sure but this sounds bigger than any other resort in Seychelles to date. That said, according to construction was planned to start in 2008 with opening planned for 2010 - on our visit in 2014 there were still just a few abandoned buildings from the 'Seychelles Youth Village' that existed on the site previously, with no sign of work commencing.

The investment was delayed by the financial crisis, but it also appears access to the site is presenting a serious obstacle: local residents understandably don't want a second huge resort on their doorstep and construction vehicles will be too large to negotiate the tiny road leading to the bay. As residents won't sell the land needed to widen the road, the project is at an impasse.

The beach itself is not one of the most memorable, being fairly shallow and weedy, but the views from the tricky, narrow road to the bay across the Port Launay marine reserve are stunning. It's also quite interesting poking around