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The beaches off the main town of La Digue do pale slightly in comparison to other beaches on the island, but perhaps only because the competition is so tough. True, they're not the best for swimming or sunbathing, having a narrow strip of sand and shallow waters. Nor are they like the sweeping bays of the south that made for long romantic walks - but to make up for the lack of classic beach appeal every spot on this coast has a fantastic view across the waters to Praslin, and some of the most memorable sunsets in the country.

There are a few hotels on the seafront itself - La Domaine De L'Orangerie has not a lot of beach but a pool with an incredible view, La Digue Island Lodge fronts directly onto its own stretch of beach, and Le Repaire also offers a beachfront location and a handful of sea view rooms. Further south towards L'Union Estate several self catering cottages lie just across the road from the beach, many with their own sunbeds for guests just opposite.

It's likely with so many great beaches on the island that most days you will be hopping on a bicycle to see the best of La Digue - but the town beaches boast such incredible views and sunsets to discover at the end of the day, whether you jump in for a swim, take a walk or cycle along the seafront to soak up the view, or stop for a picnic or Seybrew to sit and enjoy the light.