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Petite Anse

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From the eastern end of Grande Anse there is a path leading away from the sea before climbing the hill, weaving between boulders and under palms before dropping back down to Petite Anse on the other side. The path is well signposted, and the glimpses you catch of both beaches between palm fronds are stunning.

Petite Anse itself is another breathtaking beach. Just as wild as Grande Anse, yet emptier and all the more rewarding for your climb over the hill. The bright white sand creates a beautiful turquoise colour beneath the waves, making the water look all the more inviting - but again, swimming here is a bad idea, as the power of the ocean here is immense and the currents strong.

Near the western entrance of the beach you might meet Neville selling fresh coconuts and juice from under a palm shack; a great place to stop and refresh yourself on your way to and from Anse Cocos. If you wish to continue on to Anse Cocos, head for the middle of the beach before turning inland and away from the sea - the eastern side of the beach is a dead end and it is unwise to try to follow the rocks around the headland.