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Visiting Seychelles

Which Seychelles Island Should You Choose To Stay On?

While the private islands of the Seychelles are exclusive enclaves, the majority of visitors will choose to spend their time on one of the three main populated islands - Mahe, Praslin, or La Digue - or one of the smaller islands just off shore.

Each island has its own character, and the three main islands all have a great choice of accommodation, stunning beaches and lush vegetation in the interior. It is impossible to say which is the most beautiful, but it is certain that whichever island you choose you will not be disappointed.

What Makes The Seychelles So Unique?

Are the Seychelles really one of the most beautiful places in the world? We may be biased, but having despite having visited over fifty countries in five different continents we were still shocked at the way the sheer beauty of the country surpassed all our expectations. So what is it that makes Seychelles such a magical destination? Why should you visit Seychelles and not the Maldives or Mauritius?

  1. It has the best beaches in the world

    Let's get the most obvious point out of the way first. The beaches in Seychelles are simply stunning. Magnificient. Incredible. I honestly run out of synonyms writing for this website. You want pristine white sands and crystal clear waters? You've got it. Prefer your beaches wild with the surf crashing down? Try one of these. World class snorkelling within easy reach of the shore? Love to trek through the forest to find an untouched, undiscovered beach?

Airport Taxis, Transfers + Private Car Tours

If you’re not keen on hiring your own car while visiting the Seychelles it’s a good idea to pre-book your airport taxi or hotel transfer before you arrive.
Taxi prices in the Seychelles can be both expensive and flexible – so it is more relaxing to arrange a fixed price transfer before you land than haggle on arrival. In general you have a choice of vehicle – from a shared transfer in a minibus or coach for which you can expect to pay £20 per adult or £10 per child for a one way transfer anywhere on Mahe or Praslin, through to a deluxe car (£68 one way for a 4 seater) or a private mini van (£85 one way, seating 6 people).
If you’d prefer to travel in more style, you can arrange for an executive transfer in a BMW 5 series for around £120, or in a BMW X5 SUV for £190. These vehicles are only available on Mahe.

Car Hire In Mahe and Praslin

Hiring your own car on a visit to the Seychelles is an absolute joy, and one of our favourite activities. No matter how nice your hotel’s beach may be, it is a treat to explore the hidden coves and beaches further from accommodation and find a deserted spot all to yourself. The mountainous interior of Mahe and it’s viewpoints are also well worth discovering, and the sense of adventure you feel wondering what is around the next corner is hard to beat.

Yes, it is possible to see some of these places on a private tour or even from the bus, but beach hopping by yourself with no fixed schedule or planned route is even more fun. Given the high cost of private taxis it is often more economical to hire a car for a day or two than pay for multiple taxi journeys. It also makes picking up supplies for your self catering apartment – or the odd tipple to bring back to the resort – much easier.

Golf In The Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands in the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean is beginning to get on the lists of great golf holiday destinations. It has two courses on two different islands. One is a challenging nine-hole course and one is a championship 18-hole course designed by Rodney Wright and Marc Farry. One thing these courses have in common is the natural beauty that surrounds each.

Activities For Children

The soft, white sand beaches and crystal clear warm water are usually enough to attract children of all ages, but there are many more activities in the Seychelles that children will enjoy. Finding seashells and building glorious sand castles can burn energy and fill up the hours, but there is also adventure and thrill as well as a lot to learn about the nature.

Hotel Kids Clubs

Most of the resorts throughout the islands offer special clubs and activities for children. They have areas for games and sports including beach volleyball courts, football fields, tennis, badminton, game rooms and more.

Some children’s clubs that are in resorts and hotels offer interaction with wildlife, feeding local fish, catching crabs, walking all over the island with guides, games on the beach and, best of all, child-friendly menus.

Most of the clubs for children offer movie screenings, arts and crafts, workshops and educational activities. They include children from three or four years to twelve. Many have full time child-care professionals. Some of the activities include:

Weddings in the Seychelles

Because of their picturesque natural beauty, the islands of the Seychelles make an amazing wedding location. While their remote location may necessitate an elopement except in families in which money is no object, what could be more romantic than a getaway among vistas so gorgeous that they have been compared to the Garden of Eden? The beauty of nature is so abundant in the Seychelles that it will seem as though the birds and flowers are all decked out just to celebrate your special day.


While the Seychelles are focused primarily on these natural resources, tourism is an important industry, so there are hotels that can serve as home base for a wedding couple for a combination wedding and honeymoon. You can stay in a resort or in a cozy cottage, whichever fits your personality and vision best.

Honeymoons To The Seychelles

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity time to celebrate marriage and the future ahead with your loved one. It could be argued that it’s not where you go, but who you go with that matters, but since you only get one why not spend it in the destination of your dreams?

With the whole world at your feet, it may be difficult deciding where to engage in each other’s company, but one look at the Seychelles and you won’t need to look any further. There is no place in the world place that can match the charm, breath-taking natural beauty, romance opportunities, landscape, rich culture, and warmth of the Seychelles.

The Best Restaurants In The Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and exclusive resorts in the world, many of them secluded five-star getaways. Although there are 115 islands in the Seychelles, most tourists only visit three. Mahé, the Seychelles’ population hub, is famous for its luscious white sand beaches. UNESCO World Heritage Site Praslin is celebrated as the only place in the world where the legendary Coco De Mer palm grows. La Digue is as famous for the wild vanilla vines and delicate orchids that grow along its spectacular coastlines.