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So Seychelles is the largest independent travel guide to the Seychelles. With over a quarter of a million visitors to our site each year it is the ideal place to highlight your resort's unique atmosphere, it's service and facilities offered to eager travellers.

With 75% of our visitors actively planning a trip to the Seychelles within the next year - and 50% intending to travel within a matter of months - there is no medium more targeted to your customers.

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Contact us now to feature your resort to over 250,000 travellers on So Seychelles

Why Feature Your Resort on
So Seychelles

  • We are the biggest independent guide to the Seychelles: Each month 30,000 travellers plan their trips using our guides
  • Our visitors are ready to book: 50% intend to travel within months
  • Your resort will be featured on every page of our site for a year, as well as frequent mentions on our social media channels

Site Demographics

Our visitors are affluent and hold professional positions. According to Quantcast our UK visitors are 186% more likely to earn over £75,000 per year than the internet as a whole. Facebook also shows our visitors are more likely to work in Business + Financial Operations, IT, Health and sales & management roles.

Facebook shows our audience is skewed towards the "Established Elite" and "Summit Estates": elite couples and singles with "enormous disposable incomes" and "families [where] luxury travel, entertainment and consumption of every kind are within easy reach".

Feature Your Resort

Contact us now to feature your resort to over 250,000 travellers on So Seychelles

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Want to see more data? See our Quantcast demographics report or inspect our analytics

How Do We Get Featured?

It needn't cost you anything. All we ask is the opportunity to experience your resort for ourselves.

We are planning a trip to the Seychelles between 22nd June & 6th July this year to refresh our guides and ensure we remain up to date.

We are ready to offer your resort a feature on our site in exchange for a minimum 4 days accommodation + board. If you would like to discuss an exclusive feature please contact us.

22/06/2016 - 06/07/2016
4 or more nights

What will the featured content be like?

We can be very flexible with the presentation of your resort.

We are happy to provide a personal travelogue or blog post, or a more formal in depth review of your facilities. If you have a different request we are completely open to suggestions.

We can also take our own video and photography at your property, or use your own professional media if you prefer.

International Exposure

In the past year our website has been featured in the following international publications, alongside many others:

Feature Your Resort

Contact us now to feature your resort to over 250,000 travellers on So Seychelles