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A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity time to celebrate marriage and the future ahead with your loved one. It could be argued that it’s not where you go, but who you go with that matters, but since you only get one why not spend it in the destination of your dreams?

With the whole world at your feet, it may be difficult deciding where to engage in each other’s company, but one look at the Seychelles and you won’t need to look any further. There is no place in the world place that can match the charm, breath-taking natural beauty, romance opportunities, landscape, rich culture, and warmth of the Seychelles.

Most travellers to the archipelago of 115 islands might not know this, but the Seychelles is divided into two groups of islands, the inner and the outer islands. The inner islands are granitic and mainly found on Seychelles’ shallow plateau, giving off a more adventurous feel for those so inclined. On the other hand, if you’re just dreaming of a tropical paradise, the outer islands are smaller and low-lying, with splendid views of the Indian Ocean as far as your eyes can see. Regardless of the particular island, the Seychelles is sure to offer a honeymoon experience that no other destination can.

Why Honeymoon in the Seychelles?

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, celebrated with your friends and loved ones, are already mentally writing the thank you cards and sorting through the pictures at home. All that can wait though because it is time to get away from it all with your loved one and enjoy some rest, relaxation, and romance. What better place to do so than in a luxurious hideaway in the Indian Ocean. Welcome to the Seychelles. If you need convincing that this is the destination for you, read on.

Picture perfect memories

The Seychelles are a spectacular group of accommodating islands, waiting with sights and activities fitting for any type of adventure style. The most popular draw are the powder soft white sand beaches that border the glittering turquoise blue water of the Indian Ocean. An exquisite location in which the beauty of the landscape shines almost as brightly as your love for one another.

Fun filled activities

While beaches are the most outstanding attractions, they are only one of many attractions to enjoy. The Seychelles islands are filled with magical landscapes that offer opportunities for fun-filled activities. You and your loved one can discover the local marine life through scuba diving in a marine park or on a private island, like North Island. Alternatively, you can go snorkelling in one of the many stunning locations, such as the ever exciting Moyenne Island. If you wish to visit a marginally more urban setting, you can tour the small city of Victoria – Seychelles’ capital. Despite its tiny population, it has a rich history and culture, amazing botanical gardens, and local markets where you can buy great souvenirs to remember your honeymoon.

Climb Seychelles’ rocks and enjoy each other’s company on the highest points of the islands as the waves sparkle below, or recline on the beaches and watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Options are abundant and you will never grow tired of your time spent on holiday.

Most resorts and hotels offer special options that are strictly meant for honeymooners. With such packages, you have your choice of indulging in romantic dinners beachside, and spa treatments for couples, or exploring the islands on bicycles. If you are an out and about couple, you can enjoy fun activities like hikes or water sports that can easily be organized by your hotel.

The best part of honeymooning in the Seychelles are the rooms. You can book a villa or suite complete with private pool that is exclusively reserved for newlyweds, giving you all the privacy and romance you could wish for. Some of the suites even come with a personal butler who will attend to your every need so you can really sink into total relaxation mode. The Seychellois love romance and many resorts offer fantastic deals and VIP services for recently married couples.

A private piece of paradise

Seychelles is an incredibly intimate and safe paradise for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. Though popular, the country is not overrun with tourists, so disturbances are null. Since almost all Seychellois live on the three largest islands – Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, you can escape to a private island if you’re really looking for a remote feel. The population of Seychelles, as a whole, only numbers 82,000, which makes it the least populated country in Africa. This means most of the land and water remain unspoiled and features spectacular, natural beauty that is incomparable to any other location.

There are forests to roam, dramatic mountains that rise up from white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters that play host to coral reefs and a vast marine life. Simply put, Seychelles is nothing less than a private sanctuary for lovebirds.

If you are looking for ultimate privacy and seclusion, you can book one of the many private islands in the archipelago. Such islands have only one resort with very few villas (Cousine Island Resort has only 5 villas), and chances are, the people you will meet in the resort will be on romantic getaways as well. That means secluded and private intimacy that the rest of the world cannot interfere with.

If your budget doesn’t stretch  to an exclusive private island, you can still opt for one of many other resorts that are perfectly suited to honeymooners. There is accommodation for a variety budgets and travel styles, so you’re guaranteed to find the right lodging for your getaway.

No which location you choose, Seychelles’ hotels and resorts are designed to emphasis and incorporate the outdoors into their buildings. They are designed to blend seamlessly with the magical landscape and lush greenery of the country, highlighting the best hillside or ocean-side views around. These private romantic hideaways offer newlyweds the freedom to enjoy the honeymoon of their fantasies.

Amazing diversity

Pretty much everything in the Seychelles comes in more than one option. There are a wide range of islands to stay on or daytrip to for bird watching, diving or meeting giant turtles. The country has three official languages, English, French, and Creole, giving it an exotic flare but still provides the ease of communication for any needs you may have. Many resorts also have staff who speak other popular languages for the sake of their foreign visitors. There won’t be any confusion or miscommunication as the resort tends to your every request.  Meals are delicious as Seychellois menus feature Creole, French, Indian, and Oriental cuisines. Exotic fruits and fresh seafood are also plentiful.

All that diversity means your honeymoon will have all the comforts you want, as well as new exciting options to try and new cultures to explore. Start your new union together bonding in new activities and experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. Seychelles is the perfect place to begin.

Always attractive, whenever you visit

If you’re worried about visiting the Seychelles in off season, you can put your mind at east. There is no bad time to visit! The country is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. Its tropical climate makes it an excellent honeymoon destination all year round. The fresh island breeze and tropical vegetation maintain the ideal temperature of 25 to 32 degrees Celsius no matter what month it may be.

The best island for a honeymoon?

Many visitors consider Mahe the best honeymoon destination because it has a perfect balance of nature and activities. It has countless coves to explore, offering the chance for memorable moments on your own private beach. Its steep mountains overlook the sea and sandy beaches, making the island great for relaxing, hiking and enjoying water sports. It also has rainforests that are great for exploring scenic trails. While on the island, it is extremely difficult not to appreciate the flourishing flora and fauna, even if you are not an avid botanit. The bountiful nature is perfectly complimented by Mahe’s luxury resorts, spas and restaurants. A wonderful relaxing and exciting combination.

Praslin island is another great choice - with a population of just 6,000 spread across a wide area this sleepy island is laid back and peaceful, yet still has a number of high quality luxury resorts, an airport and helipad access, and some stunning boutique hotels. La Digue offers a more rustic experience, with guesthouses and a handful of boutique resorts - but the advantage of no cars or traffic, it is a very peaceful place to visit.

For even more privacy and seclusion you may also wish to consider some of the uninhabited islands - from the uber-exclusive private islands such as North Island, Desroches or Six Senses at Felicite through to the more accessible paradises such as the Beachcomber at Sainte Anne, Hilton Labriz on Silhouette, Cerf Island or Bird Island

The Best Luxury Honeymoon Resorts + Villas

Spending your honeymoon in the Seychelles offer you some of the very best experiences that you can possibly ask for. While the stunning land and clear waters make for a great stay, the resorts add undisputable quality to the time you will spend in the Indian Ocean country. While many of the resorts are perfectly delightful, make sure you choose the best resort for honeymooners. Here is a list of five great options from which you can get inspired.


1. Constance Lemuria, Praslin Island

Located just a 5 minute drive from Praslin Airport, and a 4 minutes’ walk from the beach, this resort is a perfect getaway for newlyweds thanks to its spacious suites, amazing private pools, lush greenery, and romantic treats. The resort’s spa is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has treatments especially for couples.

Each villa has a private bathroom with a bathtub that allows you to get cosy in a very discrete manner. The stone floors, rock walls, and wooden ceilings create a warm and welcoming environment for couples seeking some quality luxurious time. The hotel’s show-stealer is its magnificent three-level pool that has cascading waterfalls.

If you’re looking for more privacy still, resort offers private pool villas that are perfect for couples. They have both indoor and outdoor showers, huge living and dining areas, and your very own private pool that is surrounded by a wooden deck. Eight of such villas come with a private butler for your convenience.


2. Le Château De Feuilles, Praslin Island

Perfect for a couple that is looking for affordable luxury, this boutique retreat is located in a stunning garden overlooking the Baie St. Anne. It only has nine rooms – and that means privacy is guaranteed. The design and construction make the resort look and feel more like a home than a hotel. It is low-key, elegant and has a warm, romantic ambiance.

The resort features very secluded suites, a spa, swimming pool and an open-air restaurant. While you might not have easy access to the beach, the immediate environment is more than sufficient to offer romantic escapes. It is decorated with the lush greenery of frangipani trees, breathtaking granite boulders, and gorgeous gardens.


3. Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie, La Digue

The Le Domaine de L'Orangeraie is one of the top picks by honeymooners, particularly in La Digue. It is a mere 2-minute walk from Anse Severe Beach, a 12-minute walk from Anse Patate Beach and 2km away from Source D'Argent Beach. There is hardly any other resort that has as many amazing beaches for couples to bask in the sun. The spacious rooms are ideally great for honeymooners and come with a private balcony, air conditioning, TV, and private bathroom with shower. They also have a coffee machine and a minibar, meaning you two lovebirds have all the amenities you need if you so decide to lock yourselves in the room.

But certainly, some outdoor fun will make for an even better honeymoon. That is why the resort has a swimming pool, fitness and wellness centre, and a spa where spa treatments for couples are offered. The two on-site restaurants have a variety of cuisines that are bound to add some spice to your romantic dinners. The site additionally has plenty of outdoor fun activities. You can enjoy the beautiful gardens, rent bicycles from an on-site shop to explore the island together, or participate in one of the many water sports organized by the resort.


4. Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, Mahe Island

Large as it is, this luxurious private sanctuary has 30 villas only; all designed in a rustic style. Located in the south-western part of Mahe, the resort offers one of the most spectacular views for sunsets and sunrises you’ll find on the island. The area around Maia is surrounded by beautiful gardens, cinnamon trees and a variety of flowers that engulf the villas, offering you privacy and seclusion.

Speaking of villas, the 30 suites feature large bedrooms, whose doors open on to private terraces. The rooms have infinity pools and thatched gazebos that come complete with a day bed and a bar. There are butlers for each villa who are available to serve you dinner in your room as you wish. Honeymoon luxury at its finest.


5. Four Seasons Resort, Mahe Island

The Four Seasons Resort offers honeymooners unrivalled luxury and romance opportunities thanks to its superb location, excellent amenities, and outstanding design. Tucked in a natural jungle setting in the southwest corner of Mahe, the resort blends the area’s landscape with its design in a phenomenal way. Its rooftop provides an ideal location for watching the sun as it sets.

Apart from the sandy beaches and vast ocean at its doorstep, the resort has a beachside swimming pool where you can unwind and relax as a couple. For maximum privacy, you might want to consider a villa that is located high up on the mountain. They are so secluded that visitors use buggies to get to their rooms.

All the 27 villas are modern and come with a private infinity pool as well as a huge outdoor shower. The indoors are well decorated with European style furnishings that will make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. The Four Seasons Resort is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide, and welcomes you with open arms.



Special Honeymoon Deals + Packages

Planning a honeymoon?

Not only is the Seychelles the perfect location for a honeymoon with its stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and relaxing atmosphere, there are extra perks that await honeymooners- you just have to ask. Seychelles, dubbed the land of love, want to make your honeymoon even more special by offering special deals and packages tailored specifically to enhancing your stay. Who doesn’t like a little extra pampering while on holiday? Here’s everything you need to know about Seychelles honeymoon deals and packages:

There is something for everyone

The Seychelles has so many resorts, and most of them offer attractive deals and packages for newlyweds on a honeymoon. That means they’re all vying for your reservation. Take advantage of this fact and choose one that not only offers the best deal, but is located in your ideal location as well. Use the extra perks offered as an excuse to pamper yourselves even more without a second thought to your purse strings.

No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be at least one resort that offers the kind of honeymoon that you really want. Some of the packages are really great for couples looking to splurge on spa treatments and extra services while others are perfect for couples operating on a shoestring budget, with offers like free nights. The trick here is to determine the services that you absolutely won’t do without (could be complimentary dinners, free hiking equipment, or whichever offer you like best) and then identify all the resorts that have bundled them into a honeymoon package. From there you can easily pick the best resort from your list.


More than just a honeymoon

Some resorts extend their packages to celebrate not only newlyweds but wedding anniversaries as well. Keep this in mind if it’s your first trip to the islands, or if you’re returning years later to celebrate your honeymoon again.


Typical services in the deals and packages

Although each resort has tailored services included in their honeymoon deals and packages, the following will give you a good idea of what some options can be included at a discounted, or no extra cost.

Romantic beach dinner            Flower room decorations

Free hotel services (butler)     Candlelight dinner on the beach

Complimentary dinner            Free fun activities (snorkelling or kayaking)

Free equipment hire                Complimentary bottle of champagne or wine

Fruit platters                    Dinner on your suite’s terrace

Free night stay                    Free/discounted spa and fitness services

Free room upgrade                Free chocolates or cookies

Gifts (T-shirts or parasols)                    Manicures/pedicures for the bride


From the list, you can identify your most preferable services and then pick a resort that includes them in their honeymoon package. White many resorts offer one or some sort of combination of options above. Notable resorts that offer less traditional services include:

·         Chateau St. Cloud – La Digue

o   Room upgrade and two free bicycles during your entire stay.


·         Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa- Mahe

o   Romantic bath set up in room and cake to celebrate


·         Chateau Sans Souci- Praslin Island

o   Free car hire for two days

Extra services for on-site weddings

If you’re not only honeymooning but getting married on the Seychelles, be sure to ask about extra perks. Some hotels offer additional services like room decoration for couples who get married at the resort. If you are going to the Seychelles to tie the knot and enjoy your honeymoon there as well, you might be lucky to get a marriage as well as honeymoon deal at the resort.



1.    Please make sure you inform the hotel about your celebration when you are making your booking. That way they will clarify whether they have any offers available for you to take advantage of. They will also inform you of what you should bring along and what the hotel will provide. While some hotels are not as strict about when your wedding took place, others only offer honeymoon deals to couples that were married less than six months prior to their stay. The same applies to anniversaries. Some resorts have deals for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th,  or 20-year anniversaries and so on, while others don’t offer any anniversary specials,.  

2.    Something else to look out for is the minimum length of stay in the hotel. Some hotels don't offer one night free unless you have booked at least three nights with them. Others don’t mind offering a one night stay even if you have booked a room for only one night. In most cases, the longer you stay, the more the free gifts and complimentary services you get.

3.    If you get the chance, try to sweet talk the hotel’s management into bundling your honeymoon package with other deals that are available. For example, many resorts offer discounts for early bookings and other promotions that aren’t readily advertised. If you can combine any other promotion with your honeymoon freebies, you’ll be able to use that money elsewise to enjoy your getaway. Other deals to keep a keen eye on included meal discounts, hiking discounts, island tour discounts, and free nights specials.


Things to Do On Your Honeymoon

With its stunning landscapes, peaceful islands, and alluring blue waters, Seychelles is the perfect honeymoon destination for many newlyweds. Set in the Indian Ocean, the cluster of 115 islands enjoys a tropical climate all year round, making it a perfect location for a romantic escape after the hustle and bustle of a wedding. But what do you do once you’ve gotten there? Here is a list of the top things to do on a Seychelles honeymoon.

Hit the beach

Seychelles is known for its stunning white sand beaches. In fact, some people come to the archipelago strictly to lay by the water and bask in the sunlight for their whole stay. They are secluded, private, and offer an irresistible chance to watch the sun as it sets into the Indian Ocean. The Anse Source D’Argent is considered one of the best beaches worldwide because of its uniquely shaped boulders that are in stark contrast to the gentle waves below. Definitely take your spouse there if you get the chance to. If this is not an option, consider the Anse Lazio which is famous for having arguably the best sand to sit, lie, walk, and run on. Other beaches to keep in mind are the Beau Vallon, Anse Royale, Intendance, Anse Cimitiere, Port Launay, and Anse Georgette. While these come highly recommended, remember that every beach in the Seychelles has the opportunity to be a romantic setting to be enjoyed.


Visit the national parks

Seychelles has several national parks, all of which provide a perfect opportunity for couples to spend some quality time together. Top of the list is the Marine National Park on Curieuse Island. The park serves as a great opportunity for you two to view, interact with, and explore marine life; including Seychelles’ giant turtles and fishes. Morne Seychelloise National Park is another great destination. It plays host to the highest mountain in the Seychelles. Hiking, bird watching, and exploring the lush jungles are just a few things that you can do while there. Other parks to visit include Praslin National Park, Baie Ternay Marine National Park, Port Launay Marine National Park, Ste Anne Marine National Park, and Silhouette Island Marine National Park.


Explore the waters…

Seychelles is practically surrounded by the Indian Ocean. While spending romantic times on the sandy beaches is definitely a great idea, diving into the waters for some fun activities can be another great experience for newlyweds. Go fishing on the shores of the inner islands and you just might be lucky to catch a blue fish. Some resorts offer organized fishing expeditions for visitors so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Alternatively, you can go diving in the alluring blue waters of the islands. The reefs and coloured fishes of the Seychelles make diving a magical experience that you don’t want to miss. If you have proper driving experience, you might want to head over to the Desroches Drop – a beautiful plateau with mysterious canyons and caves.

Snorkelling is also a good couples’ water-based activity. If you are not quite ready to take a deep plunge into the waters. you can simply don flippers and a mask and enjoy some shallow underwater entertainment. If you’re the type of couple that loves adventure and adrenaline you can take your water exploration fun a notch higher by trying your hand surfing or water skiing.


…and the land

Seychellois waters are not the only part of the islands that are full of life and colour. The lush greenery and magical landscape of the county come together in an irresistible manner that guarantees plenty of fun for honeymooners. The hilly landscape provide a great opportunity for rock climbing and zip-lining. As an insider tip, while you are allowed to climb pretty much any rock you come across, Mahe and La Digue offer the best advantage. Mahe has the highest rocks on the island, some of which measure as high as 1km, while La Digue has a vast area of untouched jungle with huge granite rocks and cliffs to scale.

If you are more interested in an urban setting, you can spend a few hours exploring Victoria, Seychelles’ capital city. The tiny city is packed with interesting art (local and foreign), great streets, local markets, and botanical gardens. Alternatively, you can spend some of your time within your resort’s premises. Although most hotels are located remotely, they are constructed to reflect a modern and urban setting. Spend times together in your private swimming pool, romantic massage centres, or enjoying moonlit dinners. You can also lock yourselves in a villa and just enjoy each other’s company before hitting the outdoors.


Sail on a luxury boat

Choose one of the many luxury yachts in the Seychelles and sail into the sunset with your loved one. No getting wet or spending your energy walking, just enjoying a 360-degree view of the ocean on a romantic cruise. Some organized sails come with the added benefit of a guide who will explain Seychelles’ history and the secrets of the islands. Choose an adventure that allows you to get into the water and snorkel or scuba dive, or enjoy a meal on-board.


Island hop

You don’t need to limit your honeymoon to one, or a few islands. You can explore as many as you wish (or as many as your time and budget can allow) by hopping from one to another. Each island offers a different experience, history, and culture. Enjoying the new terrains together will certainly strengthen your bond and get you started on creating a lifetime of memories together as newlyweds.



Seychelles Honeymoon on a Budget

The Seychelles is synonymous with luxury and huge expenses. The stunning geography, laidback life, amazing beaches, and paradisiacal resorts make for a great getaway. What most people don’t know though, is that it can be enjoyed on any budget, particularly if you’re a couple on a honeymoon. These glittering islands are arguably the best honeymoon destination in the world, but most newlyweds fail to visit when they are working with a tight budget. That doesn’t have to be the case; you can actually plan a Seychelles honeymoon on a shoestring. Here is how:


Affordable accommodation

The first and most obvious means of cutting costs is choosing an affordable accommodation option. While the Seychelles is famous for luxurious resorts, it is also home to hotels and boutiques that charge as little as 70 Euros per night. Such places are mostly distinguished by their self-catering policy, which in itself can be a very romantic thing for honeymooners. Most of these options are family run guesthouses and they will offer incredibly hospitality.

Another advantage of using this type of accommodation is that most of them are secluded. Some are located in the jungles while others are found on the farthest corners of the islands. The secluded locations offer privacy for lovebirds that are looking to enjoy time together. .


Opt for an itinerary and guided tours

Wandering around the islands while looking for things to do last minute may cost more than they might have otherwise.  The best thing to do is to plan your honeymoon ahead of time – even before you leave for the Seychelles. Do some research, identify the spots you want to visit and write an itinerary. It will help you forecast your costs so that you can identify the things you won’t need, and places not to visit.

Another way to go is opting for guided tours. These are a great way to see a variety of locations without having to pay for and organize all the transportation yourself. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in one place and explore the area more thoroughly. Opt to explore the island on which your hotel is located and enjoy its beaches and amenities.


Choose affordable transport

Forget about chartering a plane, hop on the bus and enjoy the sight filled slower means of transport in the Seychelles. The two of you will get a chance to interact with locals and learn about Seychellois culture first hand. You will also be able to enjoy scenic views as the buses barrel down curved roads. Once settled in your resort, don’t feel shy about renting, or asking for bicycles. Some islands have very narrow roads that offer the best site seeing to cyclist. While others are flying above in choppers and small planes you and your loved one can peddle your way along and stop wherever strikes your fancy.

If peddling or public transport are not your favourite means to get around you can always rent a car. Take caution as you will have to manoeuvre through the winding roads of Seychelles. Cars are surprisingly affordable to rent. With just 40 Euros you can get a small car, for two people, for a full day. Petrol is not expensive either as you can expect a full day’s trip can cost as low as 20 Euros of petrol.


Avoid trip planners if you can

Dare to venture out on your own without the assistance of travel planners? There are both pros and cons to this, as many times travel agencies are privy to the best deals and have partnerships with many organizations that mean lower prices for you.

However, you’re now a pro at planning since you’ve just had a lot of experience organizing your wedding, and now is the time to put your skills to the test. If you are confident enough you can do your research, identify everything you need to have a great time, and then head over to the Seychelles and make your way around. It won’t be that hard considering most locals understand English and French (the two national languages) and some resorts have employees who speak even more languages.


Take advantage of free and affordable activities

One of the best things about the Seychelles is that its main draw cost nothing.  All Seychelles’ beaches are free, meaning you two lovebirds have the liberty to lounge on any one of them or go for a swim in the vast Indian Ocean without having to spend a penny. Do remember to bring your own equipment if you are going to snorkel or dive. Similarly, rock climbing and zip lining are absolutely free as long as you have your own equipment. Guided walks and treks can be enjoyed for as little as 40 Euros, while entrance to national parks shouldn’t cost more than 20 Euros. Seychelles on a budget, it’s completely doable. Like the saying goes, the best things in life are free, which is the memories and time you’ll be able to spend with your loved one.