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What Makes The Seychelles So Unique?

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Are the Seychelles really one of the most beautiful places in the world? We may be biased, but having despite having visited over fifty countries in five different continents we were still shocked at the way the sheer beauty of the country surpassed all our expectations. So what is it that makes Seychelles such a magical destination? Why should you visit Seychelles and not the Maldives or Mauritius?

  1. It has the best beaches in the world

    Let's get the most obvious point out of the way first. The beaches in Seychelles are simply stunning. Magnificient. Incredible. I honestly run out of synonyms writing for this website. You want pristine white sands and crystal clear waters? You've got it. Prefer your beaches wild with the surf crashing down? Try one of these. World class snorkelling within easy reach of the shore? Love to trek through the forest to find an untouched, undiscovered beach?

  2. The natural beauty is simply staggering

    From the flowers in the gardens that surround each house to the wealth of trees, palms and other flora making up the jungle clad hillsides, to the craggy mountain peaks that tower over the shores, the beauty of these islands goes far beyond a beach photograph. Whether you actively explore the hills or simply admire them from your hammock, the backdrop to your holiday is simply sublime. It's no surprise the first sailors to arrive on these shores believed they'd found the Garden of Eden.

  3. The wildlife is unique

    Seychelles a paradise for bird lovers, with a total of 238 species, of which 139 are rare and 13 can be seen nowhere else in the world. Many of the common birds are tame and will entertain you as you sit on the balcony of your room. Nowhere else will you meet a giant tortoise roaming free in its natural habitat, or meet such gentle, wise creatures. The fruit bats swooping overhead are a thrill to watch at night, and the marine life makes for incredible snorkelling and scuba diving.

  4. It is exceptionally, almost unbelievably clean.

    White sand beaches? Tsh, lots of countries have them. But how often do you find a beautiful tropical beach in South East Asia that doesn't have an instant noodle wrapper floating in the waters? Or a heap of trash behind the treeline?

    By contrast, the Seychelles is impeccable. There is a true pride in the beauty of the islands and a real respect for nature. People in the Seychelles recognise how blessed they are to live in such an attractive country and work hard to ensure their islands remain unspoilt and picture perfect

  5. The islands are deliberately under-developed

    Too many countries get the tourism bug and proceed to destroy everything that made a destination attractive, with high rise hotels and a mass of developments crowding out the beach. Not so in the Seychelles, where building is strictly controlled, with tight restrictions on new developments and laws to protect the treeline at the coast meaning no buildings dominate the beaches. Even the largest tourist centre, Beau Vallon, is positively sleepy compared to elsewhere in the world.

  6. It is extremely safe

    Who wants to take their family on an exotic holiday only to have to feed them malaria tablets or play chicken crossing the road to the beach? The Seychelles is free of malaria, yellow fever and other unpleasant tropical diseases. You can feel free to wander those jungle paths as there are no poisionous snakes or spiders on the island. Theft and petty crime against tourists are low, the roads are quiet and the drivers sensible. Cleanliness and food hygiene are excellent.

  7. It is a stable democracy that cares for its citizens

    The Seychelles holds free and fair elections and provides its citizens with pensions, free education and some of the best public healthcare in Africa. Do you really want to support a country where the wealthy resort owners are thought to have backed a military coup against a democratically elected leader? Consider who and what your holiday spending will support.