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Anse Source D'Argent

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This is it - the beach you were dreaming of when you picked the Seychelles. Perhaps one of the most photographed beaches in the world, Anse Source D'Argent has been the star of many films, adverts and tv shows for its pure white sand and unique boulders. Picture yourself paradise - and chances are it looks a lot like this.

But does it live up to the hype? Yes, without a doubt - though perhaps it is a victim of its own success.

It really is a stunning sight, but good timing is essential: it can all but disappear at high tide, and it can get very busy in the middle of the day. Yet the crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine sand are truly breathtaking, and it is easy to spot fish swimming in the shallow around the reef without so much as a mask or snorkel - lucky visitors may even spot a sea turtle swimming off the shore! The shallow water does make swimming a little pointless, but it is quite possible to wade out through the waters to enjoy the marine life, and it’s a good snorkelling spot.

The sheer popularity of the beach does mean that it is very rare you would find it as empty as on the Bounty ad or film that made it so famous, and this can alter your perception of a place, so we'd advise planning your trip to avoid the crowds. It's best visited in early in the morning before the daytrippers from Mahe and Praslin arrive, though its worth checking the tide times too. It would be an incredible place to watch the sunset slowly of the island of Praslin, but sadly the Union Estate which you must pass through to reach the beach closes its gates at 5pm.

If you do come and decide the crowds are just a bit too much for you, it's worth pointing out that the beach extends past the first set of boulders, and many tourists only make it to the first little cove. Carry on along the beach to the south, either walking through the shallow waters or taking the path along the back of the beach, and you'll reach a much larger bay. Here the added space makes it feel more deserted, and on the way there are numerous spots between boulders you can make your own if you prefer a bit more privacy.

To reach Anse Source D'Argent you must pay an entrance fee to L'Union Estate of 100 SCR (Roughly £5 or 5.50€) which also entitles you to explore their park and museum, where you can see the old coconut mills and giant turtles.